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Terms & Conditions

  • Menons Soumya home nurse service will be available only for bedridden patients and those who are treating under the supervision and guidance of a Doctor. However maternity care nurse will be for both mother and baby on delivery.
  • The Nurse will take care the oral and tube feeding, cleaning the patient, care the bowel movements and urine, dressing wounds / bedsore, bed making keeping bedroom and bathroom neat and tidy and also will act according to the doctor's advice.

The home nurse will do work relevant to patients not house hold works. If one nurse could not be able to handle a patient due to the patient´s weight or sleeplessness, can depute other nurse on requirement of client from office. For the safety measure of nursing staff an attached bathroom should be allotted to the patient so that the nurse can also use it for her purpose and also can manage the patients needs in time.

Home nurses are to be treated as a member of that family and should be given proper safety, food and also have to give proper respect in order to get better service. The normal tenure of Home Nurse at a place is for three months Lifeline can permit longer service if the patient is in terminal stage. However the registration fee will be remitted on every three months. The registration fee once paid shall not be refunded.

Quality Policy

Menons Soumya Nursing Service is extremely thorough with risk identification and the risk management processes for the benefit of all concerned. This includes the proper management of occupational health, safety and welfare of our support workers.

The elements of our risk management program are outlined below and commences with a client approach including police offender history checks on support workers, on site risk assessment inspections. We require regular support worker training, incident reporting, adequate insurance and knowledge of the OH&S Act and other relevant legislation. As part of the program to protect the safety and welfare of our workers it is requested that any specific hazard information known by a referring agency is provided to Menons Soumya Nursing Service at the time of requesting a service.

Clients can confidently rely on the services provided by Menons Soumya Nursing Service

Complaints and compliments from customers including clients, carer or agent personnel are acknowledged as the most effective form of feedback regarding our performance. Any person who is associated with the service provided by Menons Soumya Nursing always has the right to raise issues or make a complaint about any aspect of our services. The Menons Soumya Nursing Service complaints policy and procedures are based on and comply with National Service Standards.

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